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There are almost infinite possibilities for your landscaping design. Evergreen Lawn Care is available
to help create healthy and beautiful landscapes and lawns.

Gainesville Landscape Maintenance

The importance of landscaping extends past simply keeping the lawn and shrubs trimmed and healthy. Properly done, it can transform a mere lawn into a work of art that stands out amongst other homes, but beautiful aesthetics are just the beginning. Landscaping works to preserve nature by incorporating it into and around the design of buildings and other man-made elements. When properly planned, it can also improve water flow in the property as well as increase energy efficiency in your home or office. Through careful implementation of trees and shrubs, shade around the home can be increased and even controlled along with the circulation of air and direction of breezes. Landscaping also works to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere, all while adding functionality to a garden or lawn by creating a place to sit, rest or walk through. Additionally, sustainable lawn care can help your landscaping become more environmentally friendly. These are just some of the positive effects that landscaping can have on a property but the list keeps going. If you're looking into lawn care companies, Evergreen Lawn Care can provide all the necessary services for any landscaping need. We provide the following resources so that your lawn can live up to its full potential:

Commercial Lawn Care Services

At Evergreen Lawn Care, we provide commercial landscaping services property owners, property managers, and business owners can trust to give their building the upper hand. Landscaping can have a big impact on a business. A well designed and aesthetically pleasing landscape can have the same effect as a professional, detailed website. It says a lot about the business and is often the first encounter someone has with your business. First impressions are very important in a competitive market like the one we live in, and customers and clients will make a decision based on the business exterior. Because of this, it is crucial to keep a neat and pleasant landscape to ensure that customers’ first impressions of the business are positive ones.

The design and layout of your landscape also speaks of the business. Trimmed lawns, clean sidewalks and a cohesive design shows clients that you have an eye for detail and care about every aspect of business operations, from aesthetics to customers. The chosen style of a commercial landscape also sets the tone of your business. By discussing what you want the business atmosphere to convey with a landscaping company, customers will be able to tell your ideals and business style before even stepping into the building. In the end, the landscape should create an appealing and relaxing atmosphere that welcomes both employees and clients to your building.

Residential Lawn Care Services

At Evergreen Lawn Care, we can provide your home with all necessary lawn care and landscaping services. Our professional and experienced lawn care providers can keep the yard healthy and discuss a design that represents and compliments your home. A well kept and well designed yard will turn the heads of family, friends and neighbors. But it isn’t just about the compliments — the aesthetics of a yard can actually play a crucial role in the home.

Believe it or not, a beautiful yard can help your home sell fast and sell for more. Landscaping can increase the curb appeal of your home as a beautiful exterior is the first thing that draws in potential buyers. A stylish, gorgeous yard adds character to the home and can set the tone for it, making it seem like a lively, exciting place to live in or a calm, relaxing paradise. On the other hand, an unkempt exterior can easily send buyers the other way.

The home is a place for comfort, and you and your family should be able to enjoy every square inch of it. So instead of having an empty, grassy lot of land, Evergreen Lawn Care can help convert it into an area for relaxation, spending the weekends outside, and socializing with family. With a little creativity, we can turn your yard into an inviting and enjoyable environment for everyone.


Landscaping Services in Gainesville, FL

Butterfly Garden Landscaping by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Butterfly Gardens

Nothing is more peaceful than being visited regularly by butterflies at your home or office. Our lawn care team can install a variety of plants and elements that will attract these delicate insects to your home.

Not only will you enjoy your new beautiful friends, but you can enjoy the benefits of the flowers as well. Their bright colors and variety improve the appearance of your property.

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Native Planting by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Florida Native Planting

Vegetation is a crucial part of a local landscape. Using Florida native plants in your garden will restore the beauty that is traditionally associated with this state. Installing plants that are already acclimated to the environment will require less upkeep.

We can recommend various species that will complement your landscaping so that your home or business looks great all year.

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Removal & Install Services by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Removal & Install

Landscaping impacts the appearance and other people’s opinions of your home or business. Spruce up your lawn by allowing our team to remove dead or diseased plants that are affecting the appearance of your property. We are able to extract any trees, shrubs or plants that may be invasive or too large.

We can also install any number of seasonal plants to your garden. You will experience an ever-changing experience of color as flowers transition in and out of seasons.

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Spring & Fall Cleanup by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

Do you have a large pile of leaves in your yard you do not want to rake? Are you unsure about how to prepare your garden for spring? Properly preparing for the different seasons is integral for the health of your landscaping.

Our seasonal clean-ups will help your garden recover from the previous season while preparing for the next one.

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