Removal & Installation Services

We offer full removal and installation services in Gainesville, FL, for residential and commercial properties. Our services include removing plants and removing dead trees and shrubs from the area to encourage new growth. We can also help you abide by the City Code Enforcement by knowing exactly what is allowed in your zoning.

We can also help you find the best seasonal plantings, including Dianthus, Snapdragon, Melampodium, Pansy and Ray Littletunias.

Looking to add a new tree to your residential or commercial property? We are equipped to install trees from 15 gallon to 100 gallon. Whether it's your front lawn or in front of your business, we can help your property look inviting and beautiful.

Removal & Installation of Plants & Shrubs

When plants and shrubs are left untouched, they can become diseased or even die. Overgrown plants can make your property appear unkempt and unappealing. If you do not remove diseased plants, they have the potential to infect surrounding shrubs as well. Additionally, dead branches may prohibit your vegetation from growing properly. Professionals at Evergreen Lawn Care of Gainesville Co. have the knowledge to know when a plant is able to be saved and when it must be removed. As a homeowner, you may removed plants that otherwise may have been restored. There are several ways our lawn care team can assist you.

  •  Remove diseased plants
  •  Extract dead plants
  •  Cut away dead branches
  •  Shape your shrubs precisely

Seasonal Planting With Evergreen Lawn Care


Dianthus is a perennial plant that offers color year round. Its blooms come in a variety of hues such as white, pink, red, lavender and fuschia depending on your landscape. Additionally, its colorful and fragrant blossoms attract butterflies. This plant is preferable for Florida because Dianthus is resistant to disease and prefers full or partial sunlight.


For a truly customizable plant, choose Snapdragons. They come in a variety of different colors such as yellow, orange, lavender, fuschia, violet, pink and red. These plants also feature a range of various sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your garden. Snapdragons thrive in well-drained soil and prefer full or partial sun.


If you live in Florida, Melampodium should be a desired addition to your landscaping. Its yellow blooms continuously grow. This plant’s resistance to warm temperatures allows it to to become one of the most resilient summer species. If you allow your Melampodium to reseed, they can last several years without you needing to reinstall them.


Plant Pansies to brighten your yard with red, orange, lavender, yellow, blue and pink flowers. Blooms last from fall through spring and release an appealing scent which will entice you to spend time in your garden. Pansies can thrive in any type of soil. They are a perfect choice for Florida because they desire sunlight and are somewhat resistant to drought.

Ray Littletunias

If you are looking for an annual that will succeed in Gainesville, choose Ray Littletunias. They do well in areas with a fair amount of rain, heat and humidity. These flowers produce blossoms in blue, yellow, violet, pink, red, fuchsia and lavender, and come in both one single color as well as bicolored blossoms. They are best for creating a flower border or in large combination baskets.

Commercial Removal & Installation Services

It's important that your business looks welcoming on the outside. Dead, overgrown shrubs and trees are a sure way to give your customers pause. A disheveled exterior can make potential customers wonder if you run your business as poorly as property maintenance. But with Evergreen Lawn Care's commercial services, we can rejuvenate your property. We'll remove diseased plants, extract dead plants, remove dead branches, and install healthy plants and trees.

Removing dead plants and trees can also improve the safety of your commercial property. Don't let dead branches come crashing down on your clients! Call Evergreen Lawn Care in Gainesville, FL for the best in commercial removal and installation services. You'll be glad you did!

Tree Installation & Tree Removal in Gainesville, FL

Did you know that the City of Gainesville requires a Tree Removal Permit? 
Learn more about code enforcement regarding trees in Gainesville.

Green Ash

Green Ash trees are native to Florida. In the city, they grow to 60-feet tall with a 25-foot crown. Due to the height and span of the branches, the Green Ash provides plenty of shade. When planting one, it is important to dig a moat around it in order to keep the soil moist. Ash trees require moist soil and plenty of sunlight in order to dig deep roots quickly. Therefore, they are able to withstand high winds, which makes them preferable in Florida due to the frequent occurrence of thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes. Unfortunately, the Green Ash is susceptible to pests and canker in the branches or trunk which can quickly harm the tree.

White Oak

White Oak trees grow moderately slowly but can reach anywhere from 65 feet to 100 feet. They have a crown of about 20 feet. Its female leaves are small with reddish spikes and its male leaves are a greenish-yellow color and hang off of twigs. White Oaks also produce 1-inch acorns. These trees prefer full and partial shade which are ideal for trees in Florida. A White Oak has the potential to live for centuries and has very strong branches. However, it is vulnerable to flooding, and oaks are believed to be more likely to be struck by lightning than other trees.

Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia trees grow slowly but eventually measure about 90 feet in height and have a crown of 200 feet. These trees are traditionally desired because of their year-round foliage and the cream-colored flowers it produces in the spring. Southern Magnolias also produce fruit that birds and squirrels eat. Unfortunately, because of the dense canopy, it is nearly impossible to grow grass beneath these trees, and a Southern Magnolia can take approximately 10 years before seedlings bloom.

Cedar Elm

Cedar Elm trees are fast-growing and have a long life. They tend to grow to about 60 feet tall and eventually have about a 30-foot crown. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to Dutch elm disease. Cedar Elms also have been known to cause severe allergic reactions to some people. Yet, they also provide ample amounts of shade and attract butterflies.

Parsley Hawthorn

Parsley Hawthorn trees tend to be a moderately small tree averaging about 20 feet tall. Parsley Hawthorns prefer sunlight, which is prevalent in Florida, and are typically durable. They feature white flowers in the springtime which are then followed by bright red berries in the fall. Parsley Hawthorns are are able to thrive in a variety of soil types and often has thorns on their trunks or branches.

American Holly

The American Holly is popular because of the beauty it adds to a landscape all year. It yields red berries that feed birds, but are toxic to humans. The American Holly grows up to 35 feet tall and 15 feet wide. It has a pyramid shape and green flowers that feature a pleasant smell. It must be planted in groups of four in order for cross pollination which produce the berries traditionally featured on these trees.