How to Choose Sustainable Lawn Care

Maintaining a perfect lawn is no easy task and it can make a big impact in your wallet and in the environment. Many of the chemicals and other enhancements that you spend on your lawn are often not beneficial enough for your lawn other than at a superficial level. They then end up degrading the soil, polluting water that they reach, harming surrounding plant life, and posing health risks to humans, pets and wildlife. 

Gainesville Lawn Care Tips for Sustainability

The best way to ensure a healthy lawn and a healthy environment is by choosing sustainable lawn care. At Evergreen Lawn Care, we provide all of your home and commercial landscaping services. We offer landscaping Gainesville, FL, residents can trust.

Cut Grass Properly

Many people choose to cut their grass extra short, especially during the summer months, but this can cause harm to your lawn. When grass is cut too short, it leaves surface roots exposed, the soil dries faster keeping necessary water from reaching the roots and surface aeration is reduced. The best thing to do is to mow your lawn often but keep it a little long. This helps develop a deeper root system in grass that serves as a natural defense against weeds, drought and disease.

Choose Native Plants & Grasses

Plants and grasses vary in different climates. Choosing plants and grassess that will best adapt to your area will require less maintenance and external enhancements due to them getting the necessary nutrients from the area’s type of soil, flourishing with the amount of water the climate provides and being more resistant to Florida’s heat and to the native pests. Native plants also provide pollen, nectar and seeds that serve as food for the native wildlife.

Use Chemical-Free Lawn Care

There are many organic alternatives available to most chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are safe and effective. These organic alternatives benefit your lawn by promoting deep root growth, longer grass growth and natural photosynthesis. They also don’t pose any danger to wildlife, pets, humans and waterways.

Leave Grass Clippings

Leaving grass clippings on the yard after mowing is a great way to improve the health of your lawn. Grass clippings are made up of a large percentage of water so they begin decomposing almost immediately after being cut. When they decompose they return nutrients into the soil such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Use Compost

Using compost is a natural way of providing the necessary nutrients your lawn needs to grow and stay healthy. By spreading a quarter inch of compost on your lawn, it will improve soil texture, increase moisture retention in soil and add beneficial microorganisms and nutrients that the soil depends on for proper plant growth.

Gainesville Landscaping Services

At Evergreen Lawn Care, we understand the importance of keeping a healthy, beautiful lawn while ensuring the protection of the environment. Our professionals can help you create and maintain a sustainable landscape Gainesville, FL, residents can be proud of.