Hedge Trimming Services in Jonesville & Gainesville, FL

We trim and prune all sizes and shapes! Well-maintained bushes and hedges will significantly improve the over all appearance of your yard or landscaping



Hedge Trimming

The landscaping featured in your lawn, garden or on the property of your business can provide a lasting first impression to visitors and guests. Nothing looks better than a well-kept area, whether it’s accenting your lawn, garden or front entrance to a restaurant, office or store. But did you know that planting shrubs can also improve the appearance of landscaping?

  •  Keep your property cool.
  •  Improve air quality of your surroundings.
  •  Keep your property green, even in the winter.

Advantages of Planting Shrubs

If you plant large, deciduous species along the west and east sides of your building, the shrubs can help shade your home or business from the sun, allowing indoor temperature to stay cool more easily. And in Florida, it’s always a good idea to do what you can to improve the efficiency of your central air conditioning.

Hedges have the potential to improve air quality. They filter dust and pollutants such as ozone or carbon dioxide out of the air. At the same time, shrubs release oxygen and, therefore, help to purify the air. The large frame and root system of shrubs also help store rain and prevent soil erosion in the surrounding landscape.

Most importantly, shrubbery is aesthetically pleasing. The round shape of pruned shrubs adds dimension to the landscape. Shrubs have a fullness that flowers lack and can be placed in areas that wouldn’t accommodate trees, allowing your property to be welcoming even during the winter months.

Types of Hedges



Loropetalum is an ideal alternative to traditional green hedges. These plants are chosen for their unique leaf color rather than their flowers which keeps your landscaping vibrant even in winter. They prefer mostly sun or part shade, but if they have too much shade, Loropetalums will lose their color. Insert these plants about three feet apart and two feet from your home because of their moderate-to-fast growth rate.

Japanese Boxwoods

Japanese Boxwoods

With dense leaf coverage and a slow growth rate, Japanese Boxwoods are perfect for decorative shrubs. They can easily maintain shapes or remain natural without the need for frequent hedge trimming services. These hedges can create an elegant impression in your landscaping and is perfect for balancing an entryway, foundation plantings, or refined focal point.

Dwarf Burford Holly

Dwarf Burford Holly

Dwarf Burford Hollies feature small, white flowers in late spring followed by red berries. This versatile hedge is suitable for both formal and casual landscapes. Though the Dwarf Burford Holly is less prickly than other holly species, it still has a sharp tip so it can be placed beneath windows in order to deter thieves. They are drought resistant and prefer sunny locations, but it’s recommended to consult with Evergreen Lawn Care about proper fertilizing options.



If you are looking for an easy-to-grow hedge, Ligustrums are a preferred choice. They are resistant to a variety of conditions and can withstand dry conditions. However, in droughts, it's beneficial to irrigate. These plants are ideal foundation plants, shrub bushes, hedges, or patio trees. Because of the density of the Ligustrum plant, it is perfect for privacy in your landscaping. It is fast growing and will require frequent Gainesville hedge trimming.