Canopy Raises

Raising a tree canopy is the most common form of tree pruning. This pruning service can fix problems with access or visibility under a tree canopy.

Raising the Canopy of Your Trees

Over time, trees may develop an old and tired look because of low and drooping branches. They keep your otherwise gorgeous tree from standing out in your landscape. Gainesville tree trimming services can effectively raise the canopy of your trees by removing low branches. Evergreen Lawn Care has a team of skilled workers who will raise your canopy while maintaining the health of your tree.

Gainesville Tree Trimming Services

Our staff has plenty of experience and training to ensure your lawn looks its best. Ideally, you should call for assistance with raising your tree canopy in early spring right before your tree grows or during the winter before your tree goes dormant. This procedure should be implemented on young and medium aged trees. If done on older trees, the branches have wider diameters that will leave large open wounds. Our competent team is aware that typically pruning branches can result in vulnerability to disease but our workers will use our knowledge to protect your trees.

Advantages of Raising Your Tree’s Canopy

Removing low hanging branches will aesthetically improve your landscape. Lower branches can make your trees appear unkempt and unappealing. Removing them will help your trees have a uniform and manicured style. Additionally, branches that hang down block the view of the rest of your property and make it appear smaller. When this area is opened up, your yard will look bigger. There are many practical reasons for raising your tree’s canopy as well.

Our canopy raising services in Gainesville, FL allow sunlight to filter through more easily to reach the grass and plants beneath the tree. Your lowest branches may also be currently impeding on city codes. If they are covering any sidewalks, parking lots, streets, or curbs, our workers can remove them for you. These low limbs can be dangerous as well. Even if they are healthy, they may be touching your roof or house and could be hazardous in a large storm.

Expert Tree Service in Gainesville, FL

When you are looking for the best yard service in Gainesville, FL, choose Evergreen Lawn Care. We sharpen our blades every day and check our equipment weakly for repairs in order to properly care for your landscaping. We offer a variety of services such as tree removal, irrigation and mulching to suit any of your needs. Call Evergreen Lawn Care today.