Canopy Raises

Raising a tree canopy is the most common form of tree pruning. This pruning service can fix
problems with access or visibility under a tree canopy.

Raising the Canopy of Your Trees

Over time, trees may develop an old and tired look because of low and drooping branches. An otherwise gorgeous tree is instead hidden in the landscape. Professional tree trimming services can effectively raise the canopy of your trees by removing low branches. Our skilled team will raise the tree's canopy without harming the overall health of your tree.

Tree Trimming Services

Ideally, raising a tree canopy should be done in the early spring right before growth begins again or during winter when the tree is dormant. While this procedure is best for young to middle-aged trees, it can be performed on mature trees. With these trees, we focus on removing these branches:

  •  Crossing branches;
  •  Double leaders;
  •  Root suckers; and
  •  Water sprouts.

Evergreen Lawn Care uses methods and techniques to minimize any open wounds on mature branches. These can leave a healthy tree vulnerable to disease and pest infestation.

Florida Canopy Raises

Advantages of Raising Your Tree's Canopy

Low branches can make trees appear unkempt and unappealing but removing them give your trees a uniform and manicured appearance. Additionally, hanging branches impede the view of the rest of the property and make it appear smaller. There are many practical reasons for raising a tree's canopy as well.

Our canopy raising services allow sunlight to filter through more easily to reach the grass and plants beneath the tree. Along with more sunlight, rainfall can reach the ground level, reducing the need for supplemental irrigation.

The lowest branches may also be impeding on city codes. If they're covering any sidewalks, parking lots, streets, or curbs, our workers can remove them, bringing the property into compliance and improving safety. Even healthy branches that touch the roof or side of a building could be hazardous in a large storm.

Canopy Raises in Florida

How To Raise a Tree Canopy

1. Select Desired Canopy Height

To raise a tree's canopy, we first determine where the lowest permanent branch will be. Our suggestion on average is to remove one-quarter to one-third of the tree’s crown to preserve the tree's appearance and health.

2. Consider The Tree's Age

Age also plays a role in canopy height. Young to medium aged trees can be trimmed gradually to create high canopies. But older trees are susceptible to wounds when trimmed and need to be assessed case-by-case.

3. Remove Thin Branches

Thin upward oriented branches make for dense canopies. We remove these minor limbs with precise cuts at the collar just outside the trunk. We also trim and leave in place a few thin branches in the lower canopy to shade the trunk.

4. Shorten Wide Limbs

Tree limbs with large diameters must be removed gradually to avoid causing severe wounds to the tree using a process called subordination. By making reduction cuts on wide limbs, branches can be removed to safely raise the canopy.