Mulch doesn't just look good in your yard, it is good for your yard! Did you know that your residential and commercial flower beds should have 3–4 inches of mulch to properly protect your plants and bushes? By providing mulch to your beds, you are reducing weeds, protecting roots from heat and cold, and most importantly preserving water in your beds. At Evergreen Lawn Care of Gainesville, FL, we offer a variety of mulch to meet your needs including: naturally dyed, Pine Bark, Cypress, Pine Straw, and rubber play yard mulch. Maybe your looking for something a little less traditional? We also offer rock install for river rock, red rock and granite in Gainesville and Jonesville, FL.



Types of Mulch

Wood Mulching by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch is composed of bits of wood and bark from other trees. This mulch option has the potential to retain moisture, hinder the growth of weeds, and regulate the temperature for surrounding plants. As the wood degrades, it will add nutrients to the soil. It is very user friendly and is able to be applied by hand or shovel. This type of mulch also tends to be less expensive than other types of mulch in Florida.

Wood mulch also provides aesthetic value to your garden. The type of tree from which your mulch originates will determine some of its specific traits. Wood mulch is best used in flowerbeds and should be kept away from trees in order to prevent rot.


Pine Straw Mulching by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw mulch is composed of pine needles that have fallen from pine trees. This type of mulch helps protect trees and plants from temperature drops, limit the amount of water evaporation from the soil, prevent soil from moving during heavy rain, and impede the growth of weeds.

Because the needles typically interlock with each other, it is most beneficial to plant them on hills. When applied, pine straw mulch should be about 2.5 inches to 3 inches deep. However, some prefer the mulch to be as deep as 5 inches to 6 inches because the thicker it is, the better it will suppress weeds while retaining moisture. Typically pine straw mulch should be reapplied annually in order to keep its healthy appearance and continue to protect surrounding plants.


Rock Mulching by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Rock Mulch

Rock mulch is made of decorative rocks and gravel with sizes ranging from the size of a pea to that of a golf ball and is normally found near riverbeds. Because rocks do not decompose, this mulch is considered permanent and you will not have to replace it as frequently as other alternatives.

This type of much allows you to customize your order. You will a be able to choose not only the sizes of your rocks, but also their texture, colors and shapes. Rock mulch is resistant to the effects of weather but must have some form of weed barrier that will lay between the rocks and soil. Otherwise, weeds will be able to easily grow. Traditionally, this mulch works best in areas with little or no leaves dropping.


Rubber Mulching by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is derived from shredded tires that are no longer able to be used. This type of mulch is beneficial because it does not attract termites and is able to dehydrate fungus and weeds before they are able to grow.

Rubber mulch also provides good drainage and retains moisture in the soil. This choice is perfect for playgrounds and landscaping. When adding it to your garden, first place some weed fabric. This will hinder the growth of weeds while also preventing rubber from penetrating into the ground which will be extremely difficult to remove.