Storm Cleanup

Small trees, fallen limbs and other yard debris leftover from storms can be damaging and dangerous. We can help get rid of this unwanted debris safely and in a timely manner. Contact Evergreen Lawn Care after a storm of any size to schedule our storm cleanup services.


Post-Storm Damage Cleanup in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL

Viewing your front lawn or commercial property for the first time following a storm can be overwhelming and surprising. After heavy rainstorms or tropical storms in Florida, your property may be littered with limbs, leaves, branches struck by lightening and sagging shrugs. If you own a business, you understand that curb appeal is integral in attracting customers. Remnants of storm damage can make your commercial property seem unapproachable or appear to be closed. Cleanup services from Evergreen Lawn Care restore your landscaping and improve the appearance of your property. These services should ideally be performed after every thunderstorm and not just the ones that are emphasized by the news to ensure your lawn remains healthy and appealing to the eye.

During cleanup we will:

  •  Assess the state of your yard
  •  Remove small fallen trees
  •  Examine trees for solutions other than removal
  •  Rake leaves
  •  Clear away branches from lawn


Debris Cleanup Services

The most important aspect of cleanup is ensuring the safety of your family, yard and property. Though you may be tempted to remove debris by yourself, it is better to consult professionals. At Evergreen Lawn Care, we have experience with assisting many families and business owners following the aftermath of large storms. Therefore, we can identify potential problems that may affect your property.

Post-Storm Tree & Leaf Removal

Florida is no stranger to large thunderstorms and hurricanes, which can leave a path of destruction in front of your home or business and pose a threat to your family, neighbors and customers. This is when the assistance of a qualified lawn care service is necessary. Evergreen Lawn Care can safely and efficiently restore your property to its original state. We offer lawn debris removal to clear your lawn of leaves. Additionally, our storm debris removal includes disposing of items such as pinecones, fallen branches, sticks and other objects that have accumulated. Further, we can safely cut down branches that could be dangerous and remove any fallen trees.

If you are a business owner, it is crucial that you seek debris removal in Gainesville or Jonesville, FL for commercial properties as quickly as possible. Remaining storm debris can prevent customers from entering your business or even halt your business operations entirely. Our storm damage cleanup team is experienced and has the tools necessary to clear your property in a safe yet efficient manner. This will allow you to resume customer communications and normal business proceedings. Not all Gainesville and Jonesville storm cleanup companies are the same, so contact Evergreen Lawn Care removal immediately following a large storm for safe and thorough tree debris removal.

Gainesville Storm Damage Cleanup Experts

If you are inexperienced and attempt to remove branches or small trees that have fallen onto your home or office, you may be putting yourself and others in danger. Trees that have tipped over may now be touching power lines, which you should not attempt to move. Instead, contact our Gainesville lawn care team immediately. We have the equipment and knowledge to safely eliminate these threats.