Rock & Recycled Concrete Driveways

Recycled concrete and rock driveways are a budget friendly alternative to a traditional concrete driveway. Recycled concrete is an eco-friendly choice as well.


Installing Rock & Recycled Concrete Driveways in Gainesville, FL

If you want to replace or install a new driveway, consider using recycled concrete or rocks. These materials are an eco-friendly and budget friendly option, and can be installed more quickly than asphalt or concrete. When putting in a new driveway, it may not be wise to attempt to install it yourself. Instead, consult Evergreen Lawn Care of Gainesville Co. to lay your driveway.

Driveway Materials | Recycled Concrete, River Rock

Recycled concrete driveways are unique in that they originate from parking lots and buildings. After a parking lot is removed, or a building is taken down, pieces of concrete are then screened for unwanted bits of metal. Once it is deemed safe, the concrete is crushed into pieces that are appropriately sized for driveways. Because the concrete is recycled, concrete driveways are environmentally friendly Recycled concrete is often a desired material because it is extremely durable and often less expensive than other options.

Rock driveways can be made from a variety of different materials. In general, marble, granite and river rock are all preferred because these materials are aesthetically pleasing. Granite and marble can retain their beauty; they are also quite strong and last a long time. The cost for your rock driveway will depend on which type of rock material you prefer and how much of it you will need to fill your driveway in Jonesville and Gainesville, FL.