Leaf Removal Services

A few leaves strewn about a lawn is OK and can provide nutrients, including nitrogen, to the soil as they break down. But too many can block the sun's rays, cause the soil's pH to change, as well as create fungus, mold, and other disease. Call Evergreen Lawn Care to remove leaves from your residential or commercial property.



Leaf Cleanup Services

Leaf removal can be time-consuming and produce backaches if you don't have the right equipment. At Evergreen Lawn Care, we use our blowers, rakes, and mowers to get the job done. All leaves collected during our leaf raking services are disposed of in paper lawn bags and curbed for waste pick up. Haul-off option available for extra cost.

This service is often needed for residential and commercial properties:

  •  After a large storm that results in a great abundance of leaves and debris
  •  Following fall when trees lose their leaves

Don't Let Piles Of Leaves Ruin Your Property

If you allow leaves to remain, they can wreak havoc on your yard. When left to pile up, they clog drains which then leads to flooding in your yard or street. An abundance of leaves also prevents soil and grass beneath them from accessing the sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients needed to survive.

When it rains, fallen leaves absorb water and become heavy and compress the grass below, killing the blades. This also causes water to remain in constant contact with the underlying grass without the opportunity to dry, which creates an ideal environment for the growth of fungus and mold.

Benefits Of Leaf Removal

There are many benefits to having regular leaf removal service for your landscape. The majority of leaves generally fall as the weather cools, but some trees and plants shed their leaves throughout the year. While having some fallen leaves is normal, piles of dead leaves can overshadow other plants and shrubs on your landscape and impede efforts to sustain a lush, healthy lawn. Whether you need fall-cleanup or year-round service, leaf removal is one of the easiest ways to make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Plus, who wants to spend the weekend raking and bagging leaves when you can call Evergreen Lawn Care? Our team quickly removes all leaves for an immaculate lawn that everyone can enjoy.

Why Leaf Removal Is Important

Watching the leaves gently descend from your trees can be relaxing, but letting the leaves settle in for the long haul isn’t a good idea. A thick layer of leaves blocks sunlight from reaching the grass root system while inhibiting growth and diminishing water evaporation. Unevaporated water on the lawn introduces the perfect breeding ground for fungus and mold in the grass and root system. If fallen leaves come into contact with rain or another source of moisture, the leaves can become matted and block new grass growth. This can cause unsightly dead patches in the lawn once the leaves are removed. While a healthy lawn can generally overcome these conditions, a stressed or unkempt lawn may be decimated in a short amount of time.

Common Questions About Leaf Removal

Can Leaves Harm My Property?

It depends. If the lawn develops a disease and/or pest infestation because of leaf buildup, it can be costly and time-consuming to bring the lawn back to a healthy state. Also, because many people associate leaf buildup with an unkempt property, it may also lower the property value. Contact us for quote on one of our premier lawn service packages and keep your lawn in top shape throughout every season.

Can Leaves Remain Where They Fall?

Allowing leaves to lie where they fall prevents sunlight and water from reaching all root systems, including plants, shrubs, and trees. If you’re trying to establish a new plant or tree, it may become emaciated with too many leaves covering the surface. Scheduling regular leaf removal services is a good way to avoid the hassle and headache of leaf buildup. For more information or to schedule lawn services, contact Evergreen Lawn Care today!

Is It OK To Throw Away Leaves In Garbage Cans?

Generally, no. Residents who live within the boundaries of Gainesville can put leaves in paper leaf bags and place the bags curbside with regular garbage for pickup. Leaf bags and containers have a weight limit of 40 pounds.

How Often Should I Have Leaves Removed?

Again, it depends. A rule of thumb some people follow is waiting three to four days after leaves fall to have them removed. But, Evergreen Lawn Care understands how easy it is for leaf removal to fall on the backburner of your priority list. That’s why we work with our clients to create a leaf removal schedule based on our customers’ needs and schedules. We make taking care of your lawn easy with our lawn maintenance service.