Resale / Curb Appeal Landscaping 

Selling your home or want to make a great first impression? Evergreen Lawn Care of Gainesville & Jonesville, FL can help improve the exterior appearance of your home and property with our professional residential and commercial landscaping services. A great looking home is more inviting to visitors and guests, and it provides buyers with a better understanding of the property's potential. With a few touch-ups from Evergreen Lawn Care, your lawn and landscaping will be ready for an open house, weekend bash or Parade of Homes.

Curb Appeal & Resale Services

The lawn is one of the first areas noticed when someone approaches a home or commercial building for sale. Because the lawn and surrounding landscaping can often be seen from the roadside curb, the exterior appearance of a building is known as "curb appeal." Realtors and homeowners who are selling their homes often go to great lengths to improve the outside appearance of a home as that is what potential buyers see first. Don't let a an overgrown yard or forgotten landscaping bring down the value of your home. Evergreen Lawn Care provides curb appeal landscaping to help attract buyers.

Great First Impressions Start with Landscaping

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home or commercial property. Often, as buyers approach the area, they will make assumptions based on what they see. If your property is overgrown, littered with debris from trees and leaves, contains browning grass, and has large bare patches with remnants of mulch, buyers may wrongly assume the interior of the building is just as disheveled. 

However, if the exterior is well-maintained and in good condition, many people will assume the inside is in good condition as well. Further, a well-manicured lawn can add value to the building itself. Minimal landscaping care can go a long way to increasing your overall profit, and Evergreen Lawn Care is here to help you achieve your goal.

Professional Residential & Commercial Landscaping

Whether you are a real estate agent and have experience selling commercial properties and houses or you are a homeowner selling your house for the first time, you might be questioning how to add curb appeal. The solution is quite simple. Evergreen Lawn Care can provide lawn care services to prepare the lawn for pictures and open houses. Just a few small touch-ups can go a long way to improving the exterior appearance of your commercial or residential property, thus giving you the upper hand when setting a price.

Evergreen lawn Care can help you improve your landscaping curb appeal. These minimal services include installing flowers for color, applying a fresh layer of mulch in the beds over the old layer for a clean look and maintenance services. We offer mowing services for a  appearance before gatherings or open houses. And if you want to take your curb appeal to the next step, our pressure washing services will only add to the overall curb appeal of your home.

Lawn Care Company in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL

If you are staging a house, you want to create an environment that stimulates the imagination of potential buyers so that they can see themselves buying it. With the help of Evergreen, you can ensure that people will be impressed with the property you are selling as soon as they see it. If you live in the the Gainesville or Jonesville area, contact Evergreen Lawn Care today for experienced, honest and quality lawn care.