Crepe Myrtle Trimming

We can prune your Crepe Myrtle trees so that they will produce more blossoms and require less maintenance in the future.

Crepe Myrtle Tree Trimming

Crepe myrtles are a staple in most gardens in the south. These trees become covered with brightly colored blossoms in the spring and into the summer. With a love for humidity and heat, crepe myrtles are a perfect choice for Florida. Crepe myrtles can grow to be about 25 feet to 30 feet tall. It is important to correctly prune your crepe myrtles because incorrectly doing so could be detrimental to the health and appearance of your tree.

Crepe Murder

“Crepe murder” is a common term for a horrifying practice that many homeowners are in the habit of doing. It involves topping your crepe myrtle trees completely so that all that remains are the trunks. Because they grow to such a tall height, many people attempt to prevent this growth by chopping off all of the branches. When this happens, small shoots form from stumps that are too weak to hold flowers and will droop over. Typically, colored bark forms on mature trees but if you continue to chop them off, this bark will be unable to grow. Additionally, the remaining stumps are not attractive and become an eyesore in your yard. Instead, prune these trees correctly to prevent them from growing to tall, or plant them away from your house.


Before you call Gainesville, FL pruning services, you will want to establish objectives. What are you wanting to accomplish when your crepe myrtle is trimmed? At Evergreen Lawn Care, we can help you narrow down your trunks to the recommended amount of three, five or seven trunks and ensure they are well spaced. The center of the tree will need to be thinned out as well so that sunlight and wind will be able to circulate. There are two main methods for pruning. One is called natural style and involves removing dead or dense branches while maintaining the tree’s natural shape. The second method is called the formal style and focuses on training your crepe myrtle to grow in a particular shape without as much emphasis placed on the inner branches.

Gainesville Pruning Services

The best time for crepe myrtle pruning is during the late winter. During this part of the year, your tree will be leafless so there is better visibility of the individual branches. Crepe myrtles produce blooms on new growth so pruning right before growing season will actually encourage more blossoms. Our lawn care team will help thoroughly trim your crepe myrtles while they are young so they will require less maintenance as they mature.

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When you are in need of a tree trimming service in Gainesville, FL for your crepe myrtles, choose Evergreen Lawn Care. Our lawn care workers are friendly, reliable and punctual so you will always receive superior service and care for your beloved trees. Contact us today to schedule your next service.