Seasonal Lawn Cleanup

Has your yard been neglected? Are there so many leaves covering your grass that your pH is too high and your lawn has stopped growing, or worse yet, is dying? Spring and fall are perfect seasons for commercial and residential property cleanups. No matter if you are looking for a quick spruce-up or a major overhaul, we can bring back the overall health of your lawn.



Seasonal Cleanups Are Usually Done at the Start & End of the Season

Throughout the year, the various seasons impact your lawn and landscaping drastically. Therefore, it is important to both clean up the effects following the last season and prepare for the new one. This is especially true in the Spring and in the Fall and occur at both the beginning and end of the season.

Importance of Fall & Spring Lawn Cleanup

Most homeowners, property owners and business owners recognize the need for lawn cleanup during or at the end of autumn. During this season, leaves litter the ground, killing grass and flowers. And in Florida, the beginning of autumn marks the end of hurricane season which brings heavy storms to the area. At Evergreen Lawn Care, we recognize that many people don’t have the time or equipment to clear leaves and debris left by the changing seasons, hurricanes and tropical storms.

Spring is another time of the year that we recommend lawn cleanup services in Gainesville, FL. During the spring, some trees shed their final leaves to make room for new blossoms, and of course, once those blossoms fall, your driveway, walkways and parking lots will be covered. Spring storms are also common which can litter your lawn with limbs and other debris. All of this debris can encourage fungal growth if left to lay for an extended period of time. Unwelcome critters may also make their homes in the debris.

Benefits of Spring & Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup occurs after the majority of the leaves on the trees have fallen. Once they do, the leaves are removed and the soil must be aerated. This allows your soil to get the oxygen, nutrients and water that it needs to grow and remain healthy. At this time, it is helpful to prune your shrubs and cut back your perennials.

Cleanup in the Spring helps to repair the damage that may have been caused during the winter and become prepared for warmer weather. It involves removing any leaves and prepping your flower gardens for Spring. At this time it’s essential to prune shrubs and remove branches, limbs and debris.

During seasonal lawn cleanup, we recommend having your lawn care professionals add 2 inches to 3 inches of mulch to your flower beds. Doing so helps your soil retain moisture, maintain a stable temperature, and have access to nutrients. It is also essential to aerate, topdress, de-thatch and seed lawns at this time.

Professional Landscaping Services in Jonesville & Gainesville, FL

Hiring a professional lawn company, such as Evergreen Lawn Care, will help save you time. Raking a lawn takes time that you could otherwise be spending with your family. Landscapers, on the other hand, have the tools and experience necessary to thoroughly remove your leaves in a timely manner. Our experts will also be able to recommend additional services to help keep your lawn, gardens and landscaping beautiful.

Evergreen Lawn Care has been providing lawn cleanup services for many years. We are equipped to perform Spring and Fall cleanups to make sure your lawn is as healthy and as beautiful as it can be. Call us today for quality service you can be proud of.

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