Tree Trimming

Trees play a major part in landscaping. Proper care is essential to protect your property from potential danger and keep your trees looking their best. The team at Evergreen Lawn Care provides reliable tree trimming services for residents and businesses in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL with safety in mind. 

Tree Maintenance

Do you have a tree whose branches are perilously close to your house or power lines? Are overgrown trees in your front yard causing your home to look dark and foreboding? Let Evergreen Lawn Care provide you with residential and commercial tree trimming services to improve your landscaping.

Tree Pruning Services

Without the proper tools or experience, tree pruning can become hazardous. Branches may unexpectedly fall in a different direction landing on loved ones or property. In order to stay safe, let professional lawn care companies, such as Evergreen Lawn Care, do it for you. There are a variety of benefits for Evergreen Lawn Care’s commercial and residential tree trimming services. They are able to enhance your landscaping by:

 Improving the overall appearance

 Allowing light to reach life beneath the tree

 Encouraging healthy tree growth

 Resisting pests and fungus

 Removing hazardous branches before they fall

 Establishing a well balanced tree canopy

Importance of Tree Trimming

Pruning a tree is integral to its health and the way that it is trimmed determines how it will grow. If done correctly, your branches will grow in directions that will not endanger your property. Further, tree trimming in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL will evenly distribute the weight of the limbs so that your tree becomes balanced. As unnecessary branches are removed, wind and sunlight are able to pass through allowing plants to grow underneath and minimizing risks during a large storm.

When trees are pruned properly, weak crotches and crossing branches are removed, which strengthens the tree. Your tree will also become more resistant to pests and fungus. If you have common tree species found in Gainesville or Jonesville such as the slash pine, laurel oak, water oak, Carolina laurel cherry, red maple, wax myrtle and crepe myrtle, you will want the best tree services the area has to offer.

Landscaping Company in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL

Tree trimming companies, such as the team at Evergreen Lawn Care, begin by pruning your tree while it is young so it matures properly. We also have the techniques necessary to trim older trees as well. Each tree species has has different pruning needs. Our knowledge of common tree species helps us determine the best time of year to prune and which methods to use. Our workers carefully select which branches to cut before removing them to ensure stability. Next, we utilize the proper techniques and tools to expertly prune your trees without creating open wounds, which leave your tree vulnerable to infections. We have services available for both your residential trimming and commercial tree trimming in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL to keep your home and business appealing to customers and friends.