Tree Pruning

Trees play a major part in landscaping. Proper care is essential to protect property from potential danger and keep the trees looking their best. The team at Evergreen Lawn Care provides reliable tree trimming services for homes and businesses with safety in mind. 

Tree Maintenance

Do you have a tree whose branches are perilously close to the building or power lines? Are overgrown trees in the front yard causing your home or business to look dark and foreboding? Let Evergreen Lawn Care improve your landscape with our residential and commercial tree trimming services.

Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning can become hazardous without the proper tools or experience. Branches may fall in a different direction and strike a passerby or property. To keep everyone safe, let Evergreen Lawn Care handle the task for you. Our commercial and residential tree trimming services enhance a landscape by:

 Improving the overall appearance

 Allowing light to reach beneath the tree

 Encouraging healthy tree growth

 Resisting pests and fungus

 Removing potentially hazardous branches

 Establishing a well-balanced tree canopy

Importance of Tree Trimming

Carolina laurel cherry, crepe myrtle, laurel oak, red maple, water oak, and wax myrtle are common tree species found in Florida. But pruning is integral to the health of any tree, along with how it's trimmed. Any trimming, other than emergency removal, should be done when the tree is dormant, generally in the late fall or winter.

Removing branches and limbs stresses a tree but doing so when it's inactive reduces the stress and allows it to recover before the growing season begins again. This also increases the tree's ability to resist disease, fungus, and pest infestations, resulting in a healthy tree for many years.

If done correctly, the branches grow in appropriate directions rather than haphazardly that could endanger the property. The weight of the limbs is distributed evenly, allowing the tree to be in balance and reducing the risk of uprooting. Air circulation improves along with sunlight penetration to the tree's interior and trimming removes weak crotches and crossing branches, strengthening the tree overall.

Commercial & Residential Tree Maintenance in Florida