Native Planting & Florida Friendly Plants

Looking for a way to be eco-friendly? Ask us about about native and Florida-friendly plants for your landscape.

These plants are the optimal choice for landscaping and gardens because they are best adapted to local environmental conditions. They also require less water which saves you time and money — and water, of course! Native plants are also the best option for supporting local wildlife as they provide a vital and natural habitat for birds and other local species.

Native Planting

Using these plants when landscaping a home or office is important for many reasons. Vegetation that originates from the area helps to reflect the associated image and is more likely to withstand the elements. There are several things you can do to support the prevalence of native plants in your community such as:

  •  Research what plants are Florida-friendly
  •  Minimize the use of exotic plants
  •  Purchase nursery-grown native vegetation
  •  Allow native plants to remain in your yard
  •  Properly care for your landscaping

There are many practical advantages to using native plants. Vegetation that is accustomed to its surrounding environment is more likely to thrive. Florida has particularly harsh weather conditions so it is best to use plants that are made to survive in this climate. Native plants can withstand soil with poor nutrients, high temperatures, flooding, droughts, and high humidity. They have had time to built up tolerances to local insects and fungus so they will be less susceptible, requiring fewer insecticides and fungicides.

On a wider scale, native plants restore the way local landscapes looked naturally. Choosing native plants will also help to support native wildlife. Plants and animals work together to create intricate relationships in order to provide for each other. Regional plants can hinder local wildlife in the long run. So if you want a garden or landscape that uses Florida-friendly native plants, contact Evergreen Lawn Care.




Firebush prefers shade but can grow in full or partial shade. This bush ranges in size from 5 feet to 12 feet tall, but it can be pruned to any size or shape. Following a thorough pruning, firebush will grow quickly. One of the best features is its attractiveness to both hummingbirds and butterflies.


Cabbage Palm

These trees are prevalent throughout the Florida landscape. Drought resistant but capable of living in saturated soils, cabbage palms prefer sunlight and provide cool shade to plants growing beneath them. They're favored because of their ability to withstand the high winds that accompany Florida’s storms.


Silver Palmetto

Silver Palmettos grow up to 10 feet in height and be 12 feet to 15 feet wide. These plants are a perfect choice to transition landscaping with the surrounding environment. They thrive in sunlight and prefer drier soils.