Lawn Care & Maintenance

Maintaining a residential or commercial lawn and property is important for healthy, vibrant plants, grass and trees. We provide a variety of lawn care services for homeowners, business owners, and property owners. Let your lawn or landscaping look fantastic year-round with Evergreen Lawn Care.

Gainesville Yard Care

Keeping a lawn looking radiant and alive is harder than it seems. It isn’t just cutting and watering grass. Different types of grass have different needs and climate, location, pests, and many other factors can have a big impact on how a lawn develops. At Evergreen Lawn Care, a lawn maintenance provider, we offer various residential and commercial services to keep your lawn looking stellar.

 Mowing of all turf areas

 Edging of beds & hard surfaces

 Debris removal

 Pruning of hedges & shrubs

 Yearly complimentary landscape consultation

 Yearly irrigation check & adjustment

 Yearly mulch application

 Sod installation

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Company

Hiring a professional lawn care service to manage a landscape provides many benefits to a home or business owner. Since 2009, Evergreen Lawn Care has sought to be the most reputable and honest company to choose from. Working with our team has several benefits beyond our years of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to have a beautiful Florida lawn.

Lawn Expertise

As professional lawn care providers, we know which lawn care products and procedures are best to keep your lawn looking great. If a lawn has been damaged, it's important to quickly assess the condition and design a recovery plan. A professional lawn service incorporates an in-depth knowledge trimming techniques; plant growth patterns; types of soil and grass; and climate and light conditions that affect the health of a lawn.

Save Time & Money

Many lawns become unkempt because home and property owners don’t have time in their busy schedules for the upkeep. Instead, a lawn maintenance company can save you time and money. Their team handles the trimming, mowing, and any other lawn-centric task needed to keep the landscape beautiful. Plus, there's no need to invest in expensive machinery and tools or continually buy fertilizers until one works. Lawn care companies, such as Evergreen Lawn Care, take care of it for you.

Increase Property Value

While not ordinarily thought of, a properly manicured lawn can increase property value. On the other hand, a poor lawn can decrease the value and even scare off potential buyers with one look. The outside of a home or building is the first thing seen. Because of that, a lawn plays a vital role in the exterior appearance. A well-maintained lawn adds character, raises curb appeal, and is a relatively inexpensive way to raise the property value.


Lawn Maintenance Services in Gainesville & Jonesville, FL

Wood Mulching by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Lawn Service Packages

No one enjoys working in the yard, especially in Florida! Mowing the lawn and raking leaves on a hot and humid Saturday is the last thing you want to do after a long work week. However, our lawn care services allow everyone to enjoy the fruits of a beautiful lawn without having to do manual labor.

At Evergreen Lawn Care, we offer a variety of lawn care packages to best meet your needs for a home or business. Our experienced team can provide everything from regular lawn maintenance to pruning and landscaping consultations.

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Sod Installation by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL

Sod Install

Every homeowner desires a green, healthy lawn for their children and pets to play. But, due to pests, dry weather or disease, the grass may need to be replaced. Our experienced team provides superior sod install.

Proper installation goes beyond laying new sod. It also includes doing everything to ensure it remains healthy, starting with appropriate soil preparation and leveling. Once the sod is laid down, our team provides guidance on proper irrigation methods for a healthy lawn.

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Hedge Trimming by Evergreen Law Care in Gainesville, FL


Green, well-kempt hedges help keep a lawn looking pleasant and inviting. However, if they become overgrown, hedges produce the opposite effect. Our lives are busy enough with work and family that it can be difficult to regularly trim them, so let us handle it!

When you are in need of hedge trimming, choose Evergreen Lawn Care. We have the tools and experience to keep any shrubs looking healthy and well-groomed year round.

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