Why are my spring shrubs not blooming?

Why are my spring shrubs not blooming?

Mar 01st 2013

We get calls from homeowners every year asking us to come out and look at their flowering shrubs and help determine why they are not blooming. The first question we ask the homeowner is when was the shrub last pruned, and nearly every time the answer is “last fall”.

There are disadvantages and advantages to pruning spring-flowering shrubs in the fall.  Shrubs that bloom in early spring set their buds in the fall, and when pruned those buds are removed so they are unable to bloom in the fall.  The disadvantage to this is that your shrub will not bloom in the spring.  The advantage, however, is that it is easier to see the shape of the shrub when there are no leaves.

We prune Azaleas, Magnolia, and Indian Hawthorn bushes in the spring, after they have bloomed.

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