Keeping a Healthy Looking Yard!

Keeping a Healthy Looking Yard!

Mar 03rd 2015

What is the first thing you notice when driving up to someone’s home? For us, of course, it’s their lawn. Is it properly taken care of? Does it need to be mowed? Or, are there brown spots scattered throughout the yard? A lawn can either make or break the appearance of a home. So what does yours look like?

Most people tend to “over care,” for their lawn manicuring so much that it destroys the yard. However, having a beautiful lawn is only 3 simple steps away, and it doesn’t involve as much as you may think.


Fertilizing a yard requires the proper type of fertilizer for your lawn and applying it at the correct time. There are several different types of fertilizers for different types of grasses, so consider the following before selecting and applying fertilizer to your yard.

  • Test your soil for nutrient levels
  • Buy fertilizer that can be used on Urban Turf
  • Don’t use fertilizer designed for flowers or gardens
  • Apply fertilizer maximum of one pound of nitrogen for every 1000 square feet
  • Apply during the summer when your grass grows the most and can retain more nutrients


Everyone knows mowing can be a pain (we don’t understand that feeling) but it is necessary in order to help keep your lawn healthy. Following these tips will help you mow your lawn effectively.

  • Do not mow while wet. Not only is it difficult for you but it’s bad for your lawn and your mower
  • Keep Mower blades sharp
  • Don’t bag your shavings, leave them to retain nutrients to the soil
  • Maintain and evenly and high cut


It is not always easy as home owners to know the proper way to water our lawns without over watering them, however following these steps bellow will keep you from over irrigating your lawn.

  • Wait until your grass tells you it’s thirsty – signs include footprints showing in the yard, leaf blades folding over and bluish coloring
  • Only water our lawn once in a while, but before it shows signs of drought
  • Only water about 1/2 inch of water
  • Reduce diseases by watering in the morning
  • Set sprinkler alarms to follow the seasons

If you follow these rules, your lawn will look beautiful! No longer the eye sore of the block but the beauty!

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