Beginner's Guide to Crepe Myrtles!

Beginner's Guide to Crepe Myrtles!

Mar 12th 2015

No matter where you live in the South it’s bound to happen. You’re driving down the road and you see a crepe myrtle. Now, you may not know what they are initially, but they are undeniably a favorite in the South! It’s understandable why they are so loved, not may can match their beauty year round. So, if you are looking to begin your love affair with Crepe Myrtles, the follow guidelines will help you correctly pick and plant these beautiful trees!

Selecting Your Crepe Myrtle

You may be rushing to get to the store and buy your Crepe Myrtles so as to have a beautiful landscape this summer, but don’t buy impulsively. When looking for the correct plant for your yard look at the tag; make sure you’re buy the correct size and right look you want to achieve.

Crepe Myrtles range in size, some as small as 3 feet, others upwards of 30 feet. Knowing the mature heights of the plant before buying will save you time and your back! Also, if you live a little further north, make sure to select a plant that will survive through those winter months.

Where do you Plant Crepe Myrtles?

There really isn’t a wrong place to plant these beautiful trees. Many people use them to outline a walkway to the front of the homes, or grouped together to make a hedge. And others use them as a focal point for their front yard. No matter where they’re planted they will greet guests with Southern Charm.

Be cautious when planting however. Depending upon the size of Crepe Myrtle you select you should allow enough room for growth without encroaching on buildings, power-lines, or walkways. Also remember that these beauty’s LOVE the sun! So make sure to plant them where they will receive ample sunlight.

How to Plant Crepe Myrtles

While this is a post in and of itself (be on the lookout), it is fairly simple to plant your Crepe Myrtles. Late fall to early spring – right now people – is the best time to plant, however many buy during the summer because of their beautiful blooms and that’s alright too. No matter the time you plant, watering your crepe myrtle before planting it is crucial. This will help it take up water and planting. Mulch to conserve moisture and to keep the weeds away.

Last but not Least, How to Prune Crepe Myrtles for More Flowers!

Once Crepe Myrtles have bloomed and shed their first flowers, they will set seed. The small seedpods will begin to weight down the limbs making them sag. If you use a sharp pair of clipper to cut off these seedpods new shoots with buds will quickly appear. This mean you can get a second third or fourth bloom (if temperatures stay warm and you continue to remove spent flowers), which is why use Southerners LOVE these!

For more on how to plan Crepe Myrtles continue to follow! We’ll post that one soon! While waiting follow our blog for more helpful tips to keep your yard beautiful and check out our Facebook for some of our most recent work!